Pink Crack *Indica*


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Master Pink Kush Strain is a strongly relaxing indica 90/10 indica dominant hybrid with razor-focused effects and a euphoric full-bodied high. The exact origin of Master Pink Kush is unknown. However, The hybrid delivers a full-bodied type of high that may relieve stress and insomnia. Its potent effects have also been shown to fight chronic pain, migraines, and headaches.


THC levels in Master Pink Kush range between 25-27%. It offers an extraordinary cerebral stimulation coupled with a potent mood uplifting euphoric head high that may promote creativity and positivity. Its euphoric head high may also fade away stress and promote an upbeat mood.


A Master Pink Kush high is both energizing and relaxing. This makes the hybrid perfect for when you want to make social interactions more fun. It delivers a smooth and enjoyable head buzz that makes people more sociable and chattier.


Master Pink Kush has lots of medicinal uses. Its fast hitting high leaves you uplifted and happy. This makes the hybrid an effective treatment for depression, chronic pain, and anxiety.


This strain is also a great pain reliever. Its powerful physical effects may wash away migraines, headaches, and muscle spasms. It also helps fight cramps, arthritis, and lower back pains. Other medical uses of Master Pink Kush include treating nausea and enhancing appetite.

Final Puff

Master Pink Kush is a great strain with a distinctive flavor profile of peppery and citrusy flavor profile. It produces a relaxing yet uplifting high that’s perfect for creativity and relaxation.


Master Pink Kush will blow you away with its long-lasting effects. Its effects may ease chronic pain, depression, and arthritis. Other possible medical uses of Master Pink Kush include fighting insomnia, stress, and inflammation.


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