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Moonrocks offer the next frontier in your cannabis consumption experience. They are extremely rich in the two most important parts of cannabis, terpenes and cannabinoids. Moonrocks are a great product that combines all forms of cannabis. Whether you are a flower smoker, bubble hash infuser or a concentrate enthusiast, Moonrocks will check all those boxes.



Break them up by hand:

Moonrocks are best broken up by hand. If you keep them cool this process with be much easier than if they are stored at room temperature. Moonrocks are inherently a little messy so never try to put them in your grinder, all that will accomplish is getting your grinder jammed up with sticky cannabis oil, resulting in loss of product.


Use glass and add to a base of flower:

You can absolutely use Moonrocks to infuse a joint, but the most efficient consumption method will be using a bong or bowl. Make sure to add the Moonrocks over a base of flower, out of direct contact with the sides of your bowl or male piece. If placed in direct contact with the glass if will stick to the edges of the glass and collect resin. If you are going to roll them up, make sure to use a wrap as it will burn slower. If you add them to a joint it might burn unevenly resulting in a sub-par experience.



A dry cool place, like your refrigerator. Keeping them cool will make them easier to handle when it comes time to consume.



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