Freshwater Biscotti (AAAA+)


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70% Indica

30% Sativa

26% THC

1.4% CBD

Brought together by a collaboration of smaller to medium sized, very appealing, gorgeous buds. The dark nugs almost entirely cloaked in a rich vibrant purple shade, with forest green coloring bleeding through. Several short bright fire orange pistils shooting out from the surface, and drenched by a thick milky layer of trichomes caked over the entire structure. Fresh exterior with some sponginess, allowing limited give when squeezed, excellently trimmed, and a fresh, resinous interior awaiting exposure

Fueled up by some potent terpenes that carries a scent that holds notes reminiscent of a sweet pastry. Pouring out overtones of pungent gas, with a sweet creamy, vanilla dough aroma, while being supported in the background by scents of nutty herbs

The taste while smoking, very much mimicking the nose. Hoots of gas fuel, sweet creaminess, with accents of herbal, nutty, and dough flavoring on the inhale. Where the exhale moves more on to tasting of sweet herbs with spicy, earthy notes mixed in. Lighter greyish white ash, with little hints of pepper flakes, making it quite smooth taking in hauls, and a shiny, greased up resin ring materializing shortly into session

The results of Freshwater Biscotti giving off indica dominant vibes, pumping you with an inrush of motivation, while getting your creative thoughts flowing. Delivering an uplifting happier mood, while also boosting your sense of euphoria. Soon after, flowing a deep relaxation over your body, and providing relief of any aches & pains. This flavorful strain not only has you lifted, but gives an enlightening sense of bliss raining over you while continuing through your journey


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